Hope, Healing, &
Restoration For
Your Marriage

God Restores Marriages

Covenant Keepers, Inc. is a Christian marriage ministry that provides hope, healing and restoration for struggling marriages. Founded in 1987, Covenant Keepers has come alongside thousands of men and women  all over the world to pray for the restoration of their marriage. Working in small groups that meet in person or through video conferencing, God has restored countless marriages and deepened the faith of those standing for a miracle.

A Different Kind Of Marriage Ministry

Small Groups

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London or Sydney, there is a small group you can join. Ministry is delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit in small groups meeting in homes, churches and on-line.

Anointed Teaching

Scripture-based curriculum refined over 30 years guides members through the journey of surviving crisis, understanding God's plan for marriage, having hope, and building faith in His restorative power.

Worship Events

From regional marriage retreats to our annual conference, pastors, preachers, speakers and teachers pack the agenda to bring fresh messages that will deepen your faith in Jesus and help you to overflow with rivers of living water.

"The pain does lessen as you find healing in Jesus Christ, in praise, in fellowship with those in Covenant Keepers, and in lots and lots of prayer. "

- Debbie L. (Baton Rouge, LA)

"God's not looking for perfect, just those pure enough to trust Him."

- Duke R. (Houston, TX)

"With Covenant Keepers, I find joy in the midst of a storm."

- Tiffany B. (Chicago, IL)

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You Don't Have
To Do It Alone

Join a community of believers who encourage one another during this difficult season in your marriage. Small groups gather in person and through video conferences where compassionate people listen, learn and pray for one another. Many come alone, without their spouse to receive encouragement.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team all have personal experience with marriage challenges and victories. God has brought us together to serve marriage and family in unity under the covering of the Holy Spirit.