Blessed Assurance

My story is simple......God blessed me with a love for a daughter born out of my husband’s affair.

Like every doting mother, I have so many exciting stories to share about my “daughter” - my husband’s child from a secret affair. This child, my daughter-in-love, likes to sing her nursery rhymes and play with her stuffed animals. Bath-time is so much fun with her, when we play with the three little ducks in the tub. Showing off her Disney princess pajamas as she gets ready for bed, brings a child-like spirit to everyone who watches her.
Nadia is a gift.
But at first, the very thought of her life was a cruel reminder that my husband was having an affair and my family was being torn apart. Three years before her birth, I was aware of the secret affair between my husband and his mistress. This was the ultimate test of my faith. I sought God and his Word for my life and my marriage as I decided to honor my covenant and continue living in the same home as my husband.

As I chose forgiveness, my Heavenly Father showed me how the enemy got into our marriage in the beginning. He revealed to me that the enemy was trying to destroy everything that our union stands for in the eyes of God.
“Therefore, what God has joint together, let no man separate” (Mark 10:9)
Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that Heals, showed me how to lean on Him alone for the healing of my pain.

“Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health,
just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 1:2)
During this process of healing and standing for the restoration of my marriage, I began to grow closer and closer to my Heavenly Father. He began to teach me, in deep, about covenant marriage, forgiveness and healing. One night, I had a dream that the other woman would have a child. I was shocked, puzzled and angry. Little did I know, the dream was a preparation for a hard reality in my near future! I kept this dream a secret from my husband until he decided to tell me about his affair and his unborn child.
“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed
belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”
(Deuteronomy 29:29)
One day, out of the ordinary, my husband sat me down to talk about his secret life. This had been something that he never talked about, although I knew it was happening. A taboo topic in our home, quickly became something he could no longer hide. To my surprise, I was calm and respectful as he delivered the horrifying news...the other woman he had been seeing, was pregnant.

Despite the heart wrenching news, I received that day, God was in control. He had prepared my heart and healed the pain in my soul before I ever knew that my dream had become a reality. Had God not intervened and given me the dream, this pain would have surely sent me into the hospital in this moment. I was so thankful that The Holy Spirit had prepared me for this difficult conversation. The enemy did not win that day. My house was peaceful, despite what the enemy had planned.

At this point, my mind still could not comprehend what life would look like, for my family, going forward. Despite my pain I tarried on.
“Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:
but I will, maintain mine own ways before him.”
(Job 13:15)
Like every child, my husband’s daughter is a gift. But at first, her presence in my life was a hard gift to accept. When the day had finally come for this precious baby girl to bless us with her presence in the world, I received a phone call from my husband, in the emergency room, saying that his daughter had been born. The fact that he called to tell me of his daughter’s birth, caught me completely off guard. What an amazing surprise. He also sent a few photos of the glorious event.

Even though I was not there that day, there was a supernatural connection between my heart and this new stranger in our lives. Words cannot explain the powerful experience that came over me that day. It was as if a cord was being formed that was connecting my heart to the baby’s life. It seemed strange to me that this kind of connection was forming between this child and my heart. But it was undeniable. I could feel it in my spirit.

The struggle of trying to understand this godly connection went on for about a week. There was a tugging and pouring into my heart that I did not understand. Then, all at once, I could literally see the cord in the spirit. The feeling that this vision produced, was peaceful, but strange. I thought to myself... “People will think I am crazy if I mention this out loud.” As time went on, all I could do was receive what was changing inside me and stay close to Abba Father. I knew He was behind everything that I was experiencing.

After Nadia’s birth, we saw less and less of my husband, as he traveled back and forth from our home to the baby’s home. My heart was in constant pain for my husband’s rebellion against God. Despite the dread of his deception and lack of attentiveness to our own son and home, I found a sense of sweet peace as I caught my mind drifting into a longing to be with this sweet child that I only saw through videos and photos. It was as if I had a moment of heaven when I pictured her in my mind.

Finally, after eleven months of waiting, I met this precious child. Her father brought her over to our home, so we could all have a family gathering with the newest member of the family. Even though frequent changes and uncertainty kept on happening in our family dynamics, my love for Nadia just kept growing. Every moment we shared together was like a breath of fresh air to my spirit.
Nadia brings me joy.
The pain of finding out the husband of your youth is cheating on you is an indescribable pain that does not go away; never the less, having the opportunity to bless and pour into Nadia’s life is a blessing like none other. The Lord continuously shows me that what the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good. When I see her, I am not reminded of my husband’s adultery. Instead, I see love and hope. Nadia in Hebrew means HOPE. When I think of her, I am reminded of the verse in Hebrews that says;
“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for
and assurance about what we do not see.”
(Hebrews 11:1)
There is hope for the prodigal husband. There is hope for the restoration of this family and our covenant marriage. There is hope for healing. In Christ there is HOPE! My family and I have chosen to not let the enemy rob us of our joy, and instead we choose HOPE!

Tiffany B. is one of Covenant Keeper’s dynamic small group leaders! Claiming Proverbs 21:21 over her life, “The lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true: an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction.” She is devoted to being a wife and mother. Tiffany lives a Christ-centered lifestyle in Chicago, trusting and believing that God is at the center of her broken marriage. She has been incredibly humbled through this experience of covenant keeping by the power of the Holy Spirit; who continues to heal her heart as she walks closely with Him—yielding to His leadership. Having experienced how God healed her heart, she walks in unwavering faith believing God will transform the heart of her “prodigal spouse,” and restore her marriage! Being blessed to have been given a mantle to intercede for broken covenant marriages, she passionately wars in the spirit to take back the Mountain of Family from the spirit of Baal. Tiffany is very excited to teach and pray with others who believe in the power of prayer to restore their sacred covenant of marriage.

By Tiffany B., CK Leader and Prayer Warrior






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