The Jewel

BY: the late Janeen Herig, former SW Regional Director
While driving to church one Sunday morning, the sun, hitting the diamonds in my wedding set, caught my eye. It was such a bright, clear sparkle. A sudden, brilliant light flashing before my eyes.

As I looked down at my rings for an instant, the Lord spoke to me in my Spirit, letting me know His thoughts…

He said, "You are just like that diamond to Me…PRECIOUS. As I chisel everything away that is not perfect, you rest in the Jeweler's Vice. Even though the grip might bruise for the moment and the chipping away of the raw gem is sometimes extremely painful, you are yielding and trusting Me through it all.”

"I now assure you, that as you allow Me to form each facet, adding them one by one, you become more valuable. Because of your patience, your countenance becomes more beautiful and the prisms refract and spread forth My light shining through you. The more facets you allow me to cut, the more light you reflect, and you become My 'lively, living stone.'”
"You will be placed, in time, in the one and only setting made just for you. Just as the jeweler selects the right setting, so I select yours.”

"No other precious stone can occupy your place, for the prongs that hold you there are fashioned just for you so that the beauty of My handiwork may be displayed and used for My unique purpose.”

"You see, the vice that holds you is the result of supportive, intercessory prayers and your faith in Me. Then, I can shape and cut you to perfection.”

"The time is near when I will finish cutting the facets, but the polishing is yet to be done. After you are removed from the firm grip of the vice, keep trusting Me…for I have a plan.”
“While the buffing and rubbing continues, you are close to the time when the full brilliance of your beauty will be revealed, and you will reflect My true light with a power and radiance not yet known to man.”

 "Even now, while I work on you, the light reflecting through the unfinished stone brings new sparkle to its surroundings.”

"When My work is completed, I will lift you up and I will judge and examine My precious stone, seeing no flaw, because My craftsmanship is perfect. I will lovingly set you in place, where for all eternity, you will reflect My brilliance along with all the other precious lively stones I am preparing.”

"But for now, be content to be a 'diamond in the rough' reflecting as much light as the of facets of the unfinished gem will produce. Do not become impatient, wanting to see the finished work. Remember, I am the Master and only I know when to do the cutting, for I am the one who knows how to design, cut, fashion and shape you. For the time being, you are limited in your surroundings. Until I lay down My polishing tool, the full brilliance of My precious stone will be hidden.”

"Only brief flashes will be seen, as the light is mirrored on that prism for an instant, as the polish cloth works out the last little rough smudge, moving slowly to and fro. All the while, you are increasing in brilliance and beauty with the soft, warm glow of My presence gleaming from within."

A diamond is formed in the depths of the earth under high pressure. When mining brings the rough stone out of darkness, its beauty is hidden. It must undergo a tremendous ordeal, by a trained specialist, a diamond cutter who knows exactly how to fashion it, before it is transformed or “improved.” Isn't this just like our God?

Webster's Dictionary says diamonds are a type of crystal and the hardest substance known to man. Isn't this just like us?

The Lord wants you to know just how special you are to Him, as a Covenant Keeper, and how much He loves and cares for you. He is the one who has placed you in your “setting” as a Covenant Keeper. Continue to trust Him. God is bringing forth your special beauty and, in His time, you will shine with His brilliance.

These are the scriptures He gave me regarding The Jewel.
  • Malachi 3:17
  • Exodus 19:5
  • Isaiah. 62:3
  • 1 Peter 2:5, 9
  • Jeremiah 23:29
Please read these scriptures for yourself and let them minister to you personally, as they did to me.






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