BY: Deana Bell, Director, Restored Marriage

He took my breath away! Quite literally.

As I stood there in the kitchen, just hours before the turn of the decade, my breath was taken away. I was gasping, as tears were running down my cheeks, because of the word He just spoke to my heart.

"You will know me to the greatest depths this year."

I tried to catch my breath and process what He had just said to me, but I was stuck in the moment. I kept running His word over and over in my head. Could it be true? Would I know Him at a greater depth this coming year? God doesn't lie, so I had to believe Him.

I had to catch myself from falling to the floor. All of a sudden, all of my prayers from the year past came into focus. For the last several months, the verse that has been ringing in my head has been, "Seek Me first, above all things."(Matthew 6:33 paraphrase) I had been consciously making changes in my life to reflect that verse. Things like being in the Word every day, taking communion every day, repenting every day, ending my day with the very thought of Him on my mind. And other things, like waiting to make decisions until He has given me a Scripture in order to proceed. I have learned some very valuable lessons this year. At times, I wish I had known them sooner, but quickly I am reminded that God has a plan and His timing is perfect.

Another thing that I have done this year is to invite the Holy Spirit into my life on a daily basis. I verbally ask the Holy Spirit to come into my life every day and guide me through that day. As I have second-guessed choices I have made, the Lord has continued to remind me that I had asked the Holy Spirit to guide me that day. So I should trust Him first. To believe that even if I think I have made a mistake, to remember that I don't have the whole picture. No one does and no one ever will, until the day we meet Him in Heaven. I am learning to trust the Holy Spirit in me, as you should do in you.

All at once, I knew what His words to me meant. It meant that I had been obedient. It meant that I had been as relatively successful as one sinner can to “seek Him first.” I knew that God was placing a blessing on my life, one that took my breath away at the mere thought.

I am going to know Him more!

I have such a confidence inside as I face whatever lies ahead knowing that God will be there. I have no idea what is in store for me this year, but I am ready!
  • Knowing Him more means that He will equip me to do His work.
  • Knowing Him more means that others will come to know Him more just by reading my story.
  • Knowing Him more means blessing.
  • Knowing Him more means opportunity.
  • Knowing Him more means more revelation of His Word.
  • Knowing Him more means that I will walk in victory.
  • Knowing Him more means that my promises are “Yes” and “Amen.”
  • Knowing Him more means more dreams and visions.
  • And knowing Him more means more restoration.

And all this is not just for me. This is for you, too.

Take a moment and breathe in the Breath of Life. Give yourself a moment to digest what it means to know God more. And let Him reveal what this means for you in your own life. You are already doing something that He so admires – you are keeping His covenant. Let yourself be blessed by being chosen.

Let the days be over that you complain about your circumstances. That you see yourself as broken or unloved. That you let the enemy tempt you to negative thoughts or grumblings about your spouse. Let it all be gone, in the name of Jesus.

  • You just haven't seen your miracle yet…BUT YOU WILL!

Walk in His presence this year with your healing in focus. Submit your will and your ways to Him. Let Him do it in His timing, not yours. And enjoy the ride, however long it lasts.

Friend, you are not forgotten. You never have been and you never will be. Don't let the devil fool you into thinking you are less than... You are not!

He wants to work His amazing miracles through YOU. Do you believe it? You MUST in order for those miracles to take shape in reality.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.  1 John 5:14-15 (NIV)

I want you to go into this New Year with your response to His every promise being “Yes” and “Amen.” I want you to go into this New Year with so much hope that you are bursting at the seams to tell someone about what He has done for you. Friends, NOW IS THE TIME FOR RESTORATION. No longer must we wait. No longer must we weep or cry. No longer must we complain or grumble. WE must see HIM in all things. ALL THINGS! EVERYTHING!

In every circumstance, He is there. You need only to believe it.

I especially need you this year. I need you because you are the key to God's greater glory in restoration. Just think what an amazing impact this ministry will have on the world when we are ALL able to shout from the rooftops what He has done for us.

We can no longer hold the fort down by ourselves, and neither can anyone else. We must come together and do everything we can to seek Him first. He will give us the victory. He will restore. He will repair and reshape and heal all those things you thought were beyond His reach.

The WORLD needs more of Jesus. That has never been clearer or truer. And if the world needs more Jesus, who better than the ones who have kept His covenant (like the Lord Himself did) to show the world, that He is real and His promises are true.

The world may not believe in God's glory just because I was restored. But think what the world will say when we are ALL RESTORED. A huge avalanche of restored people and restored marriages. All because He is good. All because He makes good on His promises – promises to us, and to the rest of the world when we simply believe.

There is no greater gift to this world than that of Jesus.
  • Jesus restores.
  • Jesus heals.
  • Jesus raises the dead and makes the blind see.

I want you to walk straight into 2020 with His vision. Put your “God Goggles” on and see what I see.
  • Hope
  • Healing
  • Restoration.
I love you all and I'm praying for you to catch this vision, His vision in 2020.

Many Blessings,
Deana is currently one of the Directors of Covenant Keepers, International. She graduated from the Dove School of Leadership through Chesapeake Bible College and received her Pastor's license in 2019. Previously she and her husband, Koji, served as the Mid-West Regional Directors of Covenant Keepers and as small group leaders in that area. She has a degree in Secondary Education as well as experience in counseling from a biblical standpoint. For the last 20 years, she has also served her family as a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher.
She is passionate about having a relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She has seen many miracles in her life as well as in the lives of the people around her. At her core, she is an encourager and disciple of Christ, spending most of her days ministering to people and digging into the Word. She also speaks at conferences, loves to write, and teach the Word of God. She and her family currently live and attend church in the Charlotte, NC area.






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